I help busy dad’s get their mojo back without boring fad diets,
exercising less than 3 hours a week.

Attention Frustrated Dads That Are Wanting To Drop Body Fat!

Everything You Have Been Told About Losing Body Fat Is A Lie…

And I’m here to help…

The 90 day Dads Mojo Program Is Here To Show You How To Exercise Effectively & What To Eat So You Can Melt Unwanted Belly Fat Fast!

I spent years trying to find a solution to melting unwanted body fat.

I tried every diet under the sun! Low carb, low fat, wheat free, sugar free, detoxes were just a few of the crazy and unsustainable approaches I tried.

Sure some would work for a little while but because the approaches were really tough to stick to I would always rebound and pile weight back on, especially around my belly.

I did crazy workout, ab routines that almost busted my lower back as well as tonnes of boring, mundane cardio.

It seemed like to more exercise I did, the less the fat shifted.

After over 5 years of doing all the wrong stuff I finally discovered a way to dramatically decrease body fat whilst building lean muscle without spending my life in the gym!
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What Do I Do?

I help busy Dads get their mojo back

Without following strict diet plans..

Without having to give up their favourite foods and drinks…

Without having to spend hours upon hours in the gym….

And without having to do tonnes of boring cardio exercises…

As Dads I believe we all want the same thing!

More energy for our kids…

A better chance of living a longer and happier life…

More sex drive..

Less body fat…

More confidence and self-esteem…

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My story…

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 17 years. And I’ve personal trained hundreds of clients as well as helping hundreds of others through my online programs.

I’ve had my struggles through the years too.  

My weight has yo-yo’d up and down.  

I’ve struggled with chronic anxiety and low self-confidence too.

Up until the last few years I never really found a way to maximise my efforts with exercise and training.  

I always seemed to have an all or nothing approach to working out and eating.

I was either all in or not interested at all!

Now my approach allows me to

Eat out and enjoy my favourite foods (Burgers, beers, pizza, cheesecake and chocolate!)

Enjoy beers on social occasions

Fit small workouts into my busy schedule so I can spend more time with my wife and daughter

Have more energy and confidence than ever before

The 90 day Dads Mojo program has helped hundreds of busy Dads just like you.

Jon lost a total of 4 stone and 4 inches from his waist measurements, exercising less than 3 hours a week.
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"I found the program really simple to follow.  The best things about the program were that I didn't have to spend hours at a time in the gym, and Jonny showed me exactly what to do every time I went.  The exercise videos and tutorials were really helpful.  And I loved the fact that I had to check in every week for accountability and support."
"I honestly didn't think I'd be able to get the results I did unless i followed a super strict diet.  Jonny showed me how including my favourite foods would actually speed up fat loss.  The whole process was enjoyable and I'm delighted with my progress!"
"Jonny made the whole process really simple to follow.  I knew what I had to do on a daily and weekly basis to make the progress I wanted.  If I wasn't sure about anything Jonny always educated me on specific stuff so that I knew how certain actions would affect my progress.  I'm delighted with my results!"
Are you ready to take the next step and change your health and body forever?

So that you can

Easily lose body fat and build muscle..

Have more energy for your kids and partner..

Feel confident wearing clothes that you look great in...

Be a great example to your kids..

Reclaim health and energy levels giving yourself the best possible chance of leading a long and healthy life...
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Get clear on mindset and stress management, what you should be consuming and how to start working towards your goals.

Downloading this guide is the first step to losing fat, getting strong, energised and fit without exercising for more than 2 hours per week. Download ‘The Ultimate Blueprint For Dads’ for free.
To work with Jonny, or find out more about Dad's Health and Fitness Mojo contact us below.
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